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About H. A. Peterson & Sons, Inc.

     H.A. Peterson & Sons, established in 1926, was founded by H.A. Peterson, Sr. at the age of sixteen.  Peterson, Sr. had left school part way through the third grade to work with his stepfather Harry Hagan to help support the family.

     Harry Hagan ran away from home in Germany at the age of nine, to become a cabin boy on a four masted sailing ship, in the year 1890.  He spent sixteen years sailing all over the world on square riggers (four masted sailing ships) and was shipwrecked three times.     During these years, he learned everything there was to know about rigging.  When he decided he didn’t want to sail anymore, he went to work as a Steeple Jack and rigger in Philadelphia PA and Camden N.J. area.

      It was during this time that Harold Peterson, Sr. began gaining his work experience along side his stepfather.  At the age of sixteen, Harold, Sr. opened his own Steeple Jack & rigging company and his stepfather Harry, became his employee.

      Harold, Sr. had a very successful career as a contractor repairing, erecting and or razing church Steeples, smoke stacks, both steel and brick; water tanks; erecting and repairing radio and television towers; and furnishing and repairing flagpoles until he passed away in 1969.

      During his life Harold, Sr. had four children, three girls and one boy, the oldest, Harold, Jr. Harold, Jr. started climbing flagpoles and working with his father when he was twelve years old, traveling around the Eastern half of the U.S. while continuing his education.

      Harold, Jr., after a term in the U.S. Navy and getting married in the early 1950’s, moved his wife and three sons to Miami in 1964.  During the 1950’s, the major radio and television tower manufacturer’s resorted to their own work forces for repair and erections changing the industry forever.

      After moving to Miami, Harold, Jr. focused strictly on the flagpole market of sales, installation and repairs using all the climbing and rigging techniques he had learned over his twenty plus years in the industry, and the two generations of experience passed on to him by his father and grandfather.

      Opening in Miami with two of his three sons beside him, H.A. Peterson & Sons, Inc. quickly became a leader in the industry, and helped to develop the South Florida area with projects like Bayside; Mall of the Americas; Miami Arena; American Airlines Arena; Joe Robbie stadium; Wolfsonian Museum; historic renovation; Don King Enterprises, Inc. (the largest flagpole in the Southeast).

      Dealing in new construction, residential and repairs, son Scott, now President and fourth generation, still climbs flagpoles along side his father the way his great grandfather used to with two slings and two lashings.

      H.A. Peterson & Sons has grown over the years to become the largest flagpole dealer and subcontractor in the South Florida area. Using their unique climbing techniques, H.A. Peterson & Sons travels all around the Country to handle those repair jobs not accessible to standard means or cranes. (Please see our repair page).

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